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Hi, I am Steven.
I'm a Photographer & Videographer

A very relaxed Hungarian guy behind the camera who you can rely on when it comes to your big day. I aim for 100% customer satisfaction and give my very best should I be on feet all day long capturing those special moments or should it be a quick photography session. #Neversettle is my motto. 


I grew up in Southwest Hungary, mostly in an urban area. That's why I always cherish mother nature when I'm out there either for work or for leisure. I can't get enough of the beauty of well-maintained and colorful gardens and untouched nature, but kinda enjoy the idea of the cityscape photography as well. Especially if I can grasp on the grand spaces, tall buildings and giving a depth to the pictures with composing my subjects cleverly in the foreground.  
I came across digital photography at a young age when I learnt IT and got my first camera in high school (well, technically wasn't my gift, but I was the only one in the family who could make the most out of it).
I am a very technical minded person who loves his gadgets and I always make sure to learn the ins and outs of my gear to be able to produce the very best imagery it is capable of.

I was always amazed by the intriguing photos which capture emotions perfectly, so I naturally go and try to accomplish the same while working with couples. Candid laughs are great and always appreciated, but balancing on a fine line between being a photographer and a director to not just place your couple in fancy backdrops, but also being able to put them at ease while making them connect with each other on a deep emotional level is the way to produce pictures which speak volume and it is the true art of wedding photography.
And I am good at both.

Contrary to most photographers out there I've spent the whole year of 2019 practicing and learning from the best wedding photographer of Southwest UK. Dave Trevor Guest - who is an awarded photographer and a recognized name in the wedding industry in Wiltshire - is my teacher, adviser and great friend of mine. I can't thank him enough for all the help and insights I got, so I gained the experience to dive right into the weddings with confidence to make couples happy with fine imagery. I committed to and specialize only in weddings, and all aspects of it like portraits, event or family photography.

How I work:

I always make sure I get the itinerary for the big day and to stick to the plan. I'm on time every time. Never was late in my day job and never would do that to my couples either.

I fall more on the introverted end of the spectrum and I approach every event from a distance to get the whole picture first, to seek out the uniqueness of the chosen venue and plan creative sessions accordingly.
I'm also happy to step forward and organize crowds of people for the best results, and to team up with you to ensure your day is going smoothly and to make those memories come to life.
Or if you prefer not to be approached too often as to create a more intimate atmosphere on your wedding day, I'm also very understanding and rest assured I'm great at both styles.

I love the whole day, but my favorite parts are when the most stunning pictures turned into art. These are the bride preparation, the couple session and the detail shots. Sometimes you may find me in awkward positions, but I am also very well aware of the boundaries I must not cross (like I will not rest the camera on your shoulder at the ceremony, haha). 

I also pride myself in unique posing to bring out your emotions and playfulness, or to create classy and elegant look you'd be proudly looking back on for forever in the family album. I always look for interesting ways to tell your story, for the best images are usually taken from the most awkward angles. 

Candid moments make the best memories throughout the day. Their laughter, their tears, their jokes, their reactions. And I have a keen eye for finding these special moments. This is also called a 'documentary wedding photography', where I stay a little bit behind to let people just mingle, have fun, and allow them to forget about the camera.

I'm aware of the power of the photographer, that at the end of the day those pictures I make are what you take home with you. This is why I give my very best to make it all worthy, like if it was my own wedding.