COVID-19 Response: I still carry on with business as normal, I take bookings, I carry out work where possible and I'm surely taking some time off for myself as well. :) Everybody stay safe, stay well and we meet when this is all over. Fingers crossed...

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Hi, I am Steven.
I'm a Photographer & Videographer

A very relaxed Hungarian guy behind the camera who you can rely on when it comes to your big day. I'm vaccinated against stress, I'll be there to guide you through the day no matter if it goes according to the plan or turns out to be a total mess, haha. Unless if you see me running, then you had better keep up with me. :D
I give my very best should I be on feet all day long capturing those stolen moments or should it be a quick photography session. #Neversettle is my motto, because #Neverhappy doesn't exactly sound right, does it? :) 
I'm a maximalist in my work and always trying to do better, find better angles. If you see me being satisfied or awkwardly smiling behind the camera, you can rest assured something stunning is born.


I've spent the whole year of 2019 practicing and learning from the best wedding photographer of Southwest UK. Dave Trevor Guest - who is a recognized name in the wedding industry in Wiltshire - is my teacher, adviser and great friend of mine. I can't thank him enough for all the help and insights I got, so I gained the experience to dive right into the weddings with confidence to make couples happy with fine imagery.

How I work:

I like to play it safe. Show up early, say hi to everyone, leave some time for myself to get the hang of the place, the day, you, my sandwich, etc. To get in the "zone" you know. After the first 20 awkward minutes when we start to feel comfortable at both ends of the camera, the art is being made. :)
This is why pre-wedding shoots are so important, so you can get to know what is it like to be captured and behave naturally around the camera. 
Sometimes I can also be funny. A bit. Sometimes. :D
I feel most confident on the portrait sessions when there's just me and the couple. I absolutely love exploring around your venue looking for interesting spots and angles. If you find me ducking down behind something, laying on the ground or climbing up a tree, just hold your laugh until you see what I see. :)
I'm good with people too, not too shy to step up and command the guests in a line for confetti tossing, etc. But I must admit I'm terrified of small children, I'm yet to have my own kids and my childhood was so long ago I forgot how to be a kid. Never leave me alone with kids, or the next thing you know is me getting my nails, my face, my camera painted over or we having an imaginary tea party instead of me doing the job, haha.  
Later that day I'll grab you for portraits when the time is appropriate, then I take candid photos between the scheduled events. For that I have a nice long lens, so don't expect me climbing upon you. I rather stay a bit back, you can forget about the camera for a moment and surprise me with genuine laughs. I'll be like a fly on the wall when needed. Or the centre of attention when needed. Either way you get to see with my eyes through my images. :)