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Barford Park Wedding Drone Fly Downton Salisbury
Oct 07, 2019

We came up with this idea after seeing a really great work of someone, that hey, I have a drone. Let's see a different perspective!
We were at Barford Park in Downton, Salisbury and made a cool bird's eye view of a wedding.

As a wedding photographer I feel really happy to share these moments of the wedding couple's day at Barford Farm in Downton, Salisbury.
Working with happy people and making them eternal memories is the single most exciting thing about our job as a photographer.
This was my third time going back to Barford Farm for a wedding (and the 10th time for my master), but the first time ever someone has flew a drone there at this venue on a wedding. I was there with Dave Trevor Guest at Barford Park that day to develop my skills as a wedding photographer, and to experiment with new ideas.

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