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Flying Drone At Newhouse, Redlynch UK
Oct 18, 2019

We've been in Redlynch the other weekend, 20 minutes from Salisbury. We were photographing the wedding of Becky & Simon at a gorgeous venue Newhouse Estate, where I had a chance to fly my drone again. Although the strong wind wasn't really in my favor this time, but still could pull off some nice aerial footage.
Experimenting with this as an assistant gives me a fantastic opportunity to practice what works the best and what doesn't, so next year when I'll be a full fledged wedding photographer/videographer, I'll have the experience to make the most out of this little bird. 
This time I also made a few shots in my idle time with my camera too on the ground, again just to practice a bit as a videographer.
Maybe on the next one I'll be solely making videos instead of practicing photos, which I am already good at after a year's practicing (and boy, that was a steep learning curve, thanks to Dave).
I can't wait to do weddings on my own, wedding photography is such a fun! :)
I'd like to thanks again to Dave for showing me all the insights, and thanks Becky & Simon for being a patient and cheerful couple I absolutely enjoyed to work with! Thanks to Newhouse Estate in Redlynch and it's staff for being patient with us for we had many great ideas to make happen, and I hope I can come back here to Newhouse in the future again!

I made this video below of my drone flying at Newhouse, Redlynch on the wedding of Becky and Simon. The wedding photographer in the video is Dave, and the ninja turtle (that's what they said I looked like with the drone's backpack) showing up in some scenes is me.

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