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The Importance of A Wedding Planner
Jan 05, 2020

As a wedding photographer I've seen a quite a few weddings in the UK from all aspects. One thing is common in all of them: organization is the single biggest task of it, and it makes a huge difference between weddings that are well-organized and weddings that lack that professional planning quality. A wedding planner can make all the difference. With that in mind, I’d like to share a few tips from my experience on why you should invest in one:

You Get A Wedding Planner's Full Focus

When you pay the fee for your wedding planner, you’re not just paying for them to make your vision of your wedding day come to life; you’re paying for their time and attention. The best planners have a small number of wedding clients that they give their full attention to, so you’re going to want to find a planner with that small, focused sort of list. That way, you’re not just one of many names they’re juggling; you’re getting more personalized attention.

A Wedding Planner’s Creativity Brings Your Vision to Life

Find a wedding planner that matches your vision for your wedding, someone that you can connect with personally. The best ones always get compliments for really understanding their clients’ unique visions. You don’t want them to go with their own tried and tested set-ups; you want it to be your wedding, not a cardboard cut-out! Find someone that speaks your same creative language and stick with them.

Wedding Planners Give Great Attention to Detail

In my experience, the best wedding planners, regardless of budget, are the ones that give the attention to detail and service that make your wedding day stand out for all the right reasons. Good wedding planners leave nothing to chance and cover every little detail. Look for wedding planners who have good relationships with vendors and suppliers for that extra special something to kick your wedding up to perfection.

Good Wedding Planners Are Organised

It sounds strange, but not all wedding planners have this essential skill. I’ve seen the best planners keep everything running to perfection, but I’ve also seen the opposite. For as beautiful as the decorations might be, you don’t want to end up with a day that feels disorganized. Selfishly, me as photographer hate when that happens because that can often mean there isn’t enough time for all the photographs you might want!

The Best Wedding Planners Understand Lighting

As a photographer, I'm always interested in the lighting and atmosphere of a wedding. Since many weddings have evening receptions, lighting can be key and can make the difference between a good and a fantastic wedding — and wedding photography. Look for someone who understands how to create that cosy, intimate feeling without sacrificing light!

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