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Packages & FAQs

Prices in the year of 2020/21

(For a quote in the following years please enquire.
Rights reserved to make changes to the packages during the season.)

Bronze package

  • Full day coverage from bridal prep until the first dance.
  • Free consultations*.
  • Professionally edited photos.
  • Password protected online gallery with client proofing & 2K downloading available.
  • Paperless contract & online delivery only.

Silver package

  • Everything as in the bronze package.
  • Large canvas.
  • Engraved USB gift box with high resolution photographs.

Gold package

  • Everything as in the Silver package.
  • Wedding album.
  • Engagement shoot.

Full day coverage

  • From bridal prep until the first dance.
  • Free consultations*.
  • Few mins highlight video, professionally edited to the (royalty free) music of your choice.
  • Full length ceremony.
  • Full length speeches.
  • Aerial footage (subject to availability).

Optional Extras available for any package

  • A range of printing options are available through the client galleries.**
  • Full licence for the photos/videos with or without exclusive rights*** - please get in contact to discuss your specific needs
  • Copy of the raw footage/images on a hard drive****

Can we have a meeting before booking?

Yes, of course! It is important that you are comfortable with me as a person as well as a your supplier. Please feel free to get in touch and organize a suitable place* and time! This is completely non-binding, as you're free to keep looking before getting back to me. Hiring your photographer or videographer is a big decision and you certainly won't be getting any pressure from me.

Which package should I buy?

You get professionally edited imagery with the best moments captured of your big day no matter what your selection is. Although if you prefer to enjoy your pictures to their fullest I honestly recommend to consider the printing options available through the client galleries. As prints are the only and real purpose of photography, viewed in a proper size in a proper format with proper colors. Let it be hanging on your wall, or a beautifully crafted wedding album, or framed on the shelf among your family photos to tell your story. With this intention in mind I drop a large canvas in the Silver package with your favorite image of the wedding, and I provide the highest resolution image files** on an engraved USB flash drive, which comes in a personalized gift box. 
To go even further I offer you a lay-flat luxury wedding album with your favorite pictures in the Gold package, made of the highest quality money can buy by one of the UK's most reputable printing facilities. On top of that I provide an engagement photo session as well - please read below.

Engagement shoot?

When it comes to picking your photographer, considering a pre-wedding photo session is always a good idea. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your photographer, their style, their personality. It's a great way to become comfortable with the camera in a layed back and relaxed approach. Here you are free to discuss thoughts and ideas while making memories with your significant other in a different way, producing an added value for your family album or create a quest book out of your photos for your quests to sign on the wedding. For this experience I offer an engagement shoot session with flexible locations and time. 

How far in advance do we have to book?

It is always wise to book your photographer/videographer right after you have your wedding date and venue secured. It is very common for couples to book a year in advance, but even 2 years are not unheard of. As soon as you feel I am the right person to capture your day, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

When and how would we have to pay?

A deposit of 30% of the total sum is required to secure my time & services, with the rest due one calendar month prior your wedding. Any payments made will be exchanged for a receipt and balance statement. The deposit is non-refundable.
The payments can be made via bank transfer, Paypal, or in cash.

Is travelling included in your prices?

The ‘full day coverage package’ price covers travel costs within 50 miles (driving) from the SP2 postcode. An extra £100 will be required for locations between 50-100 miles. I am more than happy to travel wherever you decide to celebrate your wedding, please get in touch if your wedding location is over 100 miles from the SP2 postcode to discuss your requirements and prices.

Do you do the formal group photographs?

Yes. Always remember I am here to photograph your day for you to enjoy for generations. If you want formal group shots, absolutely I shoot group photographs. My main approach is of a documentary style, capturing memories with a natural and authentic result. However, a good mix of formal group portraits thrown in is a great way of capturing an important chapter of your day. Just remember these can be a timely exercise in a tight schedule.

Can you do both photography and videography on our wedding? 

While technically it is not impossible, I always say that these two are very different jobs need very different setups and a different mindset as well. One would get prioritized over the another. Let's say doing mainly video then switching settings to make a few snaps or do the formal group pictures along the way is doable. But to expect to switch back and forth constantly doesn't just throw your artist out of the "zone", but it is highly likely that while fiddling with the gears, candid moments will be missed.
So it is always a good idea to hire someone who is dedicated to do only one job at a time to avoid disappointment.

Can you provide a second shooter or a videographer on our wedding (if going with the photography package and vica versa)? 

Currently I work as a one man band.
I'm looking into the possibility of working with collaborators, fellow photographers or videographers. Though the proof of the pudding is in the eating, right? Teaming up with someone who shares the same vision, who produces the same quality, also must be an honest person, reliable and available when needed... Not an easy task. :)
In case of a request I can ask the photographer community if someone is available for second shooting on your date. Though the nature of such an assignement is uniqe in each and every case, so the pricing on top of my packages may vary and therefor I can't quarantee a fixed rate.

* Available locally to the SP2 postcode. In case of meeting in far locations I might ask for a compensation for my travel costs.

** For reproduction purposes please keep in mind that all the digital images are optimized for onscreen viewing. By default the colors on a print might look different. As of technology today every single monitor, TV, or mobile device screen and every single printer render colors differently to begin with. Color management from capture to prints and soft proofing (color matching the post production work with the photo lab prints in a calibrated environment) is done separately as an extension of the contract and only for the prints ordered from the photographer (through the client gallery or part of the packages).

*** By default all my products are for personal use only. A full licence grants the client the copyright to commercialize my products and I waive my right to royalties or other compensation arising or relating to the use of the said products.
In the other hand exclusive rights means the photographer waives his economic rights on his work, for example publication, marketing use, or selling to 3rd parties (such as other vendors for their own marketing purposes, etc.). Although the photographer may keep his moral rights to his work.

**** Please note the copyright for the raw files is NOT included by default. Licence is sold separately. Without a licence this option could serve as a backup copy only.

Still full of questions?
Please get in touch!