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Added A New Folder In My Collection
Dec 13, 2019

This season was awesome, I tell you! I'm just going through all the pics I made so far and picking a few to display them here on my website.
First category is all about children, as they're always a favored subject on weddings. The smaller they're the cuter they get in their little suits or gowns, but their emotions are the most honest of all people. If they're happy, you will be gifted with such an adorable imagery of them. But if they're not, then they make sure everybody in the room is paying attention to them, so you might end up with candid pictures which tell a story. Sometimes things go sideways in a hilarious way, sometimes not. But a story nonetheless, even if a bit unexpected. Thing is that children never hide their emotions and the camera just loves them. This makes it also a challenge to photograph them, because sometimes this isn't exactly mutual and they can be pretty camera shy. So to take a picture of such an intriguing moment, you need to stay undercover with your lens. What a fun this is for us, photographers! :)

I opened a folder for these pictures in my Collection, where I'll be putting up all these I come across on my hard drive.
For even more picture please follow this link!

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