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Pre-season Photography Workshop
Mar 02, 2020

Dave (the person taught me everything) came up with the idea to do a quick photoshoot to warm up our creativity for the upcoming weddings. And for this we asked newlyweds if they're interested in a do-over portrait session, wedding style. This just gave a perfect excuse for some former brides to jump in their dresses and re-live the best parts of their cherished memories: when it was just he and she embracing each other while cute pictures were made.

Here's my take of this quick session in New House Estate, Redlynch.
I had several goals in mind, first and foremost I wanted to up my production quality with some proper artificial lighting. Luckily we had the time to experiment with this, so I set up and got to know my brand new strobe kit. I must say I'm absolutely impressed by what we can accomplish with these nowadays. I can't wait to use it on weddings where I'll be able to make your day a lot brighter. :)
If you still looking for a wedding photographer in or around Salisbury, just contact me and tell about your plans!
If you need help with your planning, I have a Planning Guide with the most useful ideas of my experience ready for you to download.

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