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The Beginning
Sep 01, 2019

I never thought becoming a photographer until recently. As a child I was told you need to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer to earn a decent life, so I studied engineering. Photography was just one of my hobbies in my teen years and it wasn't until recently that I had this wild idea to make a living out of it. After school and a couple years in my profession as a production technician I moved to the UK to re-unite with my childhood friends. I got to know many many good people here, one among them told me about his life as a wedding photographer. This was a few years back, not long after I moved here, that I met with friends for a drink and had been introduced to this guy Dave Trevor Quest - who is my mentor now. I found his lifestyle interesting, it sounded like as a wedding photographer one might "work" only once a week and make a living. Now I know it just sounded cool, but there's much more into it than just one workday a week. Backstage work can keep you busy for days if not weeks, but more of this later... :)
I remember how impressed I was with this, but didn't really give it a second thought. Was just thinking that Dave is just a lucky dude who is able to do what he loves and earn a good life. Pretty much a dream job, isn't it? Not all of us is that lucky to make his fortune, so that time I just kept on living my nine to fiver life.

Earlier this year I went on a holiday in Iceland and wanted to capture it. So I surprised myself with a fancy camera and a drone for Xmas and practiced with them for months before my trip. When I arrived back I made a music video out of the footage I recorded there, and I realized I enjoyed this way more than I expected.

I figured I'd love to learn making videos and photos and then I had that light bulb moment: why not work in this? So I'm looking into this, what does it take to be a photographer/videographer. I knew I know someone who is able to help, or at least push me in the right direction. Then I approached Dave with this idea to be an assistant to him on his weddings for you know, learning the basics.
Luckily he was happy to give me a go, so the next thing I knew I was on my very first wedding with Dave and a camera in my hands...
It wasn't really like what I expected, it was way better than that thanks to the amazing people there and the most cheerful couple Ali & John, in one of the most beautiful places around: Stourhead Garden & House.
Thank you Dave (at for this opportunity and looking forward to our work together! :)

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